You Can’t

Looks good on every table

Verpaco products stands to look good on every table and in every kitchen, where sharing food and aesthetics help to create good vibes for family and for your guests.


We offer a wide range, the beauty of minimalistic to a riot of colours, echoing the food we serve, which is always multi-layered and full of contrasts. As people are diferent, our prouccts are vivid and offer wide range, of color and material and utility. but one thing for sure, there is always a thread of intensity and exuberance.

a cookware love story

Cooking, a daily ritual that for many of us is more than just providing a basic need. The Verpaco product lines are ideal for all enthusiasts of delicious no-fuss cooking. Whether you opt for the lightweight aluminium cooking pots from the pure series or the more robust cast iron pots and pans, with our cookware you are not only opting for the ease of use of materials that are suitable for all common heat sources and dishwashers, but also for pleasure that does not end in the kitchen, the pots and pans go straight from the stove to the table, for yourself, for two or for a group of friends and family.

A world in ITSELF

With our product and family of brands, there is always something there for everyone. A different world full of magic, happiness and satisfaction. Step inside our world and experience it yourself.

DESIGN influences

The Verpaco designs are built on world influences and the quality is always DNA of our collection. From straight lines with contrasting round edges to the light and dark versions of the tableware collection, from the matt brushed stainless steel version of the the porcelain range to the black PVD coating of the dark version, you are waiting to experience products you have never experienced before.